Welcome at Right Edge Art Classes in Centurion


Art Classes for Beginners

Right Edge Art specializes in teaching basic art techniques and practical art experience to absolute beginners with no talent or previous experience in art.

Sulet’s art classes for beginners was established in 2011 and our studio is conveniently situated in Lyttelton, Centurion close to the N1 and Botha Avenue.

At Right Edge Art you will never be thrown into the deep end. I aim to create a safe and friendly space for you to discover and grow your art skills from scratch without any pressure or exams, covering basic drawing and painting techniques in pencil, charcoal, chalk pastels, watercolours and acrylics.

Art classes are small and class times are flexible to fit into your busy life.

Sulet is the author and illustrator of several Art E-books for Beginners for those who prefer to study on their own.

People who benefit from our art classes

Art classes for teenagers

Teens from the age of 12 are cognitively ready to learn new skills. This includes the skill of art making. Before age 12 children learn art skills through playing and experimenting. This is also the age when teens become more self-critical and need artistic training to develop their talent and build their confidence.

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Art classes for adults/Adult workshops

Many adults live with the frustration of wanting to draw and paint realistic artworks, but not having the confidence to try due to a lack of training in art basics and a fear of failure.

Many adults would love to pursue a creative hobby for relaxation and some me-time when the pressures of work and life gets them down.

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