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I used to be one of the many people who wished I could draw and paint beautiful realistic pictures, but was frustrated in my attempts. I believed I didn’t have the talent and was scared that I will never succeed at art. I can relate to your fear and frustration where it comes to art making without proper training. Fortunately, I was very persistent.

 In 1988 I enrolled for a 2 year Graphics Design course at the Art Director’s Workshop in Cape Town. I only finished half the course during my gap year, but during that one year I was introduced to Draw on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. Her method of teaching art to absolute beginners, convinced me that I was wrong about my lack of talent. Anyone with two healthy brain hemispheres can learn to draw and paint. Art is a skill. If you have the interest, you can learn the skills. I did.

 After half a Graphics Design course, I studied Psychology at Unisa where I learned how the human brain responds to training. A decade and a bit of child rearing later, a Fine Art course at Pen Foster College provided me with more artistic skills and I was ready to live my dream. Right Edge Art was established in 2011 and is situated in Lyttelton, Centurion.

 Right Edge Art provides fine art training to adolescent and adult beginners. Why not children’s art classes? Between ages 3 and 11 children are natural artists who learns by playing and experimenting with different art media in accordance with the developmental stages of childhood. Around age 12 we get stuck in our artistic development, become extremely self-critical and start believing the misconception that we need talent. From age 12 onward, our right brains need training to develop further. Unfortunately our school system lacks in this regard, especially for people who are left brain dominant, logical thinkers.

From grade 8 children are expected to take art as subject and then some will want to continue with art as subject from grade 10, but most adolescents lack the basic skills of drawing and painting and the teachers do not have the time to teach the basic techniques in class. It is this gap that I am desperately trying to fill in order to give our adolescents the chance to develop their creative thinking and artistic skills before they give up due to frustration and lack of confidence.

Most adults already gave up and blames it on a lack of talent. My passion is to show adults that they do have the talent and only lack proper training in artistic skills and techniques. Knowledge and practice brings confidence.

 Right Edge Art’s art classes do not throw you in at the deep end. I understand that left brain dominance does not mean you don’t have artistic talent, but only that you need to be taught differently. I follow the proven teaching methods of Betty Edwards and others, as well as 8 years’ worth of art teaching experience to stimulate and develop your creative right brain by building your artistic knowledge, experience and confidence step-by-step from scratch in a non-judgemental environment where you measure your own progress and work at your own pace without pressure to perform. You will experience how you right brain works and develop those creative strengths. You will learn how to master drawing skills by working with graphite pencils, charcoal, coloured pencils and soft pastels. You will learn how to master painting skills by working with watercolours and acrylics.

My classes are small to ensure my own sanity and personal attention to each student.

A few very happy side-effects of fine art training is the development of creative thinking skills, development of better focus and relaxation through the art process.

 I am ready and eager to help you. Are you willing to trust me?

Follow these links for more information on available Fine Art Courses for Beginners : Extensive Fine Art Course for Beginners or 6 Week Beginners Drawing Crash Course.

If you would rather learn on your own, you are welcome to follow this link to my instructional Art e-books for more information and links.


If Fine Art is not your thing and you just want to experience the fun and relaxing side-effects of art making, follow this link to regular Fun and Relaxing Wine and Art Workshops.