Art classes for real beginners

Art classes  for beginners are attended at the Right Edge Art studio in Lyttelton, Centurion and are peaceful, relaxed and small – I only have space for 5 students per class.

Every class is 2 hours long.

You work at your own pace with no pressure and lots of demonstration and support.

Art materials used, include graphite pencils, charcoal, coloured pencils, soft pastels, watercolour paint and acrylic paint.

Choose class times that suit your schedule.

Anyone aged 12 and above is welcome. 

During the classes you will learn to:

· see like an artist

· draw correct proportions and perspectives

· use line, shape, flow and value to create the illusion of three-dimensional images on a flat surface

· use colour to create the same

· use your art materials optimally and correctly to achieve the results you want

· draw a variety of themes, including animals, landscapes, close-ups of objects, portraits of animals and humans, but you will never be forced to draw something you don’t want to. We do not draw nude figures, because most students are uncomfortable with this theme or are under 18.


Option 1 – Attend class at least twice per month at R350 per 2 hour class. Use art materials provided in class, or buy your own.

Option 2 – Attend class once per week and pay monthly at a 10% discount (R1400 – 10% = R1260). Use art materials provided in class, or buy your own.