Relaxing Zentangle®

I stumbled upon Zentangle® a while back when I was searching for meditative art resources. I tried a few simple tangles and I was hooked.

Zentangle® was founded by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts in 2004.

The purpose of Zentangle® is relaxation, increased focus and unwinding after a long week. It is very easy to learn and consist of drawing simple repeating patterns. There are hundreds of simple tangle patterns with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. The difference between Zentangle® and doodling, is that Zentangle® is purposefull and can be developed into fun artworks

See the example of one of the many simple tangles one can draw to relax. This one is called Stag and it was designed by someone with the online name of MoonAttic.

If you are a fan of adult colouring or just need something to help you relax, unwind and get clarity, you will love Zentangle®.

Absolutely no artistic talent or experience needed.

Follow this link to Wine and Zentangle® Workshops.