Art Classes Adults

Many adults live with the frustration of wanting to draw and paint realistic artworks, but not having the confidence to try due to a lack of training in art basics and a fear of failure.

Many adults would love to pursue a creative hobby for relaxation and some me-time when the pressures of work and life gets them down.


Relaxed, informal art classes for adults

Loosely structured, informal adult art classes teaching basic drawing and painting skills in a variety of art media in a safe, friendly and relaxed atmosphere at flexible class times to those who want to take advantage of the relaxation, social and confidence-building qualities of the art process.

In these classes we share, chat, draw and paint while listening to calming music.

Class times

Tuesdays to Friday from 10am to 12am (individual lessons by appointment)

Tuesday to Thursday from 6pm to 8pm (individual lessons by appointment)

Saturdays from 11am to 1pm (group lesson by enrollment due to small classes)

Benefits for you

  • Development of basic art skills
  • Development of creative talent and interest
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Increased confidence
  • Better creative problem solving
  • Improved observation skills
  • Improved perseverance and patience
  • Loads of relaxation and having fun with no pressure to perform

Class fee options

R350 in advance per 2 hour class or

R1190 per month in advance forĀ  one 2 hour class per week

Fees include all materials used in class. Coffee and tea available.